Thought Improvement
Thought Improvement


LiLi was like an unplanned pregnancy. Our household was already overcatted, but…

The first thing this cat did was extraordinary.

What she did next was even more extraordinary.

How LiLi Found Me: I help feed the abandoned cats at the Kona dump. (All the cats are part of the Trap, Neuter, Return – TNR program.) Eleven stops, 100+ cats that have been just tossed there to survive on their own.

At each stop, I place a line of food out, sort of like a school cafeteria lunch table. The cats gather around and eat.

I have been feeding for a few years and I recognize all the cats that are there. I have given many of them names.

I was doing my 5 pm feeding and I noticed a young cat that I had never seen before. She was skinny, and looked hungry, but was afraid to join the colony in eating.

I walked the twenty feet that separated us and placed food down for her. She immediately ate all of it.


I placed more at my feet, as I sat on my tailgate. She ran over and ate all of that food.

Extraordinary Event #1: She looked friendly so I tapped my tailgate in a ‘hop -up’ manner. She hopped onto my tailgate. I was surprised; it was an extraordinary event for a cat that doesn’t know you and has just been abandoned in a foreign area. You are never sure with a new cat if they are friendly. I gave her a pet. She immediately started to purr. I petted her some more. She purred more.

I had a couple more feeding stops to complete, so I picked her up (she was receptive to my touch) and placed her on the ground.

She immediately jumped back onto my tailgate. Twice more, I put her on the ground, and twice more she jumped up.

I needed to leave, so I placed her on the ground and began to close my tailgate. As my tailgate got to a 45-degree angle, she jumped up again and used the edge of the tailgate to springboard herself into the trunk area of my SUV. She then went to the area next to my back seat to lie down. I could hear her purring.

Once more, I gently picked her up and placed her on the ground and closed my tailgate.

As my tailgate closed all the way, she leaped from the ground, over the closed tailgate, went deep into the corner and began to loudly purr.

I took her home with me. It wasn’t the first time I had brought an abandoned cat home with me.

Extraordinary Event #2 – The Reason: Now I know why… That night, she had two kittens. This cat knew that if she gave birth to her kittens at the dump, they wouldn’t be safe, whether it be from the harsh environment or the ever-present carnivorous mongoose.

The Perfect Cat: LiLi is the perfect cat. She lets you pick her up, she will lay next to you on your bed. She is aware of you when you call her and often will come up to me upon request (unlike my once-teenage daughter).

Kitten Mayhem: Over the next six weeks, we provided a safe room for LiLi (her name now) and her kittens. We took her in and had her spayed as well. The cute kittens were soon claimed by our next-door neighbors and will be moving there in a day or so.

Now LiLi inserts herself into my morning routine — even inserts herself before all our other cats.

First thing in the morning, LiLi does figure-eights through my ankles. It is as if she is attempting some combination of an incantation and a Vulcan mind-meld (ankle high).

She does this until she is fed… first.

After all the cats are fed, she then seeks me out as I start my morning process and places herself between pen and paper, or tablet and finger.

So, in short, LiLi was like an unplanned pregnancy… but not an unwelcome one. By saving one, we unknowingly saved three.

And now we have LiLi in our lives.